Dell Inspiron 15 5580 review 2019

Dell Inspiron 15 5580

Dell Inspiron 15 5580 review 2019

Dell’s onymous inspiron branding is now synonymous with budget and mainstream laptops. This series has come a long way since the early days of its basic low-cost plastic laptop, when you can choose to make a convertible design and metal construction. The latest model also has a touch of modern design, which is similar to Dell’s more expensive XPS line.

Today, we will test a model of Dell’s Inspiron 15 5000 series, which is called Inspiron 15 5580. Some highlights of this new series are narrow display borders, a brush aluminum design and up-to-date specifications. It is also available in a cool shade of blue, which we feel is really good.

Prices are Rs. Starts with 34,990 (without taxes) and the cost of the version we are testing is about Rs. At the time of writing this review, 51,990 (again, without taxes), for which you get a good set of specific characteristics. According to the listing, it is specially available through Dell’s online store. Let’s see if this model is worth considering.

Dell Inspiron 15 5580 Design

Inspiron 15 5580 is diluted with a thickness of approximately 18 mm. Build quality is very good. The base has been constructed from a block of plastic, whereas the lid and palm-rest areas get metal cover. The latter adds a reasonable amount of hardness, especially for the lid, which does not have much flex. The single hinge provides good torsion and helps to hide the vent vent. Platinum Silver and Ink Color Trims, of which we are the latter.

Inspiron 15 offers a good selection of physical ports including 15 5580 two USB 3.1 and a USB 2.0 Type-A port, a USB Type-C port, Ethernet, HDMI 1.4A, a headphone and microphone combo socket. . , An SD card slot, and charging port. There is a single LED next to the power socket that lights the laptop when the charge is charged and blinks the amber when the battery is low. The stereo speaker is placed on both sides of the laptop, along with some other air ventures.

The 15.6-inch display has anti-glare finish, so reflection is not a big issue. There is also a full-HD resolution, which is expected at this price. You get narrow bezelles on three of the four edges of the display, which makes Inspiron 15 5580 very modern. It is also an IPS display, which means that the colors are well saturated and the viewing angles are complacent. However, we could use a little more glow. This display is sufficient for use in the office environment, but it can be hard to work with directly under the sun.

The keyboard area is wide, in which your hands have lots of room to relax comfortably. There is no flex here, which is good. The keys are well distant and the typing is comfortable. The main journey is a little less but the action is noisy and we seldom do the typing at our regular pace. Our only catch is that this keyboard is not backlit, which is a shame.

The power button is carefully placed on the far right of the keyboard cluster. The trackpad is big and the gestures work well, but we preferred a smooth surface. On the other hand, two trackpad buttons have a terrible reaction and require an effort to press.

Inboard, Inspiron 15 5580 ship with 65W power adapter and some instruction manual.

Dell Inspiron 15 5580 Specifications and Features

The Dell Inspiron 15 5580 Intel is available with the option of 8th generation CPU, from Core i3 to Core i7. In the model we have, the core i5-8265U is a quad-core CPU with multithreading. It also has a 4GB DDR4 RAM, which looks at the price downwards, but you get 16GB of Intel option memory to speed things up. It works as a cash memory, which stores your frequently used files so that you can promote a small display in the case of accountability in the programs, but it is not a replacement for an actual SSD.

This model comes with a superb 2TB storage, which is very good, but the 2.5-inch hard drive is a slow 5400rpm variety. Graphics Duty is handled by the Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU with 2GB GDDR5 memory. This configuration could have been good overall, but 4GB RAM makes it a little unbalanced. We would love a configuration with low storage and 8 GB RAM with opton memory, but sadly this review is not available in India.

The configuration we have is similar to Acer Aspire 5 Slim, which we had recently reviewed, except that the model had 8 GB RAM. For wireless connectivity, you get Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth. HD webcams have been placed above the display but the quality is strictly average.

Inspiron 15 5580 ship with Windows 10 Home 64-bit, including some of Dell and third-party providers, a 15-month subscription to McAfee Leavesf and a 30-day Microsoft Office 365 test. If you are buying this laptop online from Dell’s India website, you can opt for the full version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 in place of the cloud version at no additional cost.

You can also choose the option of backlit keyboard for a buck. 1,000 and, which we will recommend. There is also the option of fingerprint reader for additional cost. We advise to look at all the options and offers on Dell’s website, because some great deals are buried in the list

No matter how you configure your laptop, you get a standard set of Dell applications by default. Del Update regularly runs an investigation on your drivers and updates them when necessary; Mobile Connect lets you connect an Android device or iPhone on your laptop to receive calls and messages; CinemaColor lets you change the color profile of your display to change the type of content you are viewing; And Power Manager lets you monitor your battery health

Dell Inspiron 15 5580 display and battery life

Despite just 4GB of RAM, Inspiron 15 5580 is surprisingly liable for Intel Optane Memory. Experience is not entirely like having an SSD as we had still felt that now it was intermittent at intermittent intervals and switching between apps or opening certain Windows menus. Apps did not load very quickly, but once they were loading, things were working well. This laptop appears to be a free RAM slot, according to the CPU’s app, so if you can, you can add another stick. However, there is no easy access, so the entire base will need to be removed.

Benchmark performance is relatively good for this class CPU. We got 624 points in Multibrated Test and a good 94fps score in the OpenGL Gaming Test at Cinebench R15. In PCMark 10, we got 2,842, 3,098 and 3,585 points in regular, extended and express test suits. In real-world tests, it took 6 minutes and 54 seconds to compress the 3.2GB folder of composite files using 7zip, and 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

The GeForce MX150 GPU is not powerful enough to handle heavy games at the original resolution of the display. In the Rise of the Tomb Raider, we got only 11fps with graphics set at 1080p at Medium. To get playable framerates, we have to scale the resolution and further reduce the quality of the graphics. Casual games from Windows Store, such as Asphalt 9: Legends, run fine.

If you are browsing the web or watching a video, Inspiron 15 5580 runs quiet and quiet, but the game is set to fire and the exhaust fans become audible. It is not very distracting but it is worth noting. Talking about the video, the display gives good color reproduction to enjoy the content and the stereo speakers are not too bad. Sound can get loud without any noticeable distortion in high volume, and you can tweak it with the WAVs MaxxAdopotro app.

Inspiron 15 5580 has a 42WHr battery, but the display was all-equal. It ran for 1 hour and 45 minutes in the battery Eater Pro test, and with regular use, which included generally surfing the web, downloading some apps, and working on Google Docs, we can only get 3 hours and 15 minutes Found The average before the laptop closes. Given its size and weight, it is quite frustrating.


Dell Inspiron 15 5580 is a good looking laptop, it is well-built and has an interesting configuration for its price. At the same time, there are some attractive drawbacks such as disappointing battery life and hard trackpad buttons. RAM configuration feels a bit unbalanced. Variants are available with 8 GB RAM, but they do not come with option memory or SSD, which means that the experience of Windows will not be as fast.

Dell’s website keeps prices upside down. At the time of this review, the variant we tested was about Rs. With 61,348 taxes. Acer Aspire 5 Slim A515-52G We have the test available for almost the same price, which also had very similar specifications with Opten Memory. With options from Dell, you get a better keyboard and more premium overall experience. However, battery life is the biggest draw here. If this laptop is going to stay at your desk all the time, you probably will not pay much attention, but otherwise, it can be a problem.

Rates with taxes (MRP): Rs. 67,248 (according to review)


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