Hotstar CEO Add-Free Premium Service, Multi-Screen Support, Android vs. iOS Divider, and more

Add-Free Premium Service Hotstar

Hotstar CEO Add-Free Premium Service, Multi-Screen Support, Android vs. iOS Divider, and more

Hotstar is one of the most successful Indian streaming services. It is also a part of your problems, whether you are talking about how the app works, or the way it handles content like live sports.

Right now, it does not matter, because Hotstar is the only legal way to stream the game of thrones in India. And when you can say that Indians only give the edge, one significant number tried to stream the show when the first episode of season 7 was broadcast last week – in fact, to bring down the service for 10 to 15 minutes Is enough for

Gadget Trending caught Hotstars CEO Ajit Mohan, who talked about Exclusive vs. Origin, but then the conversation turned towards main changes that need to be in the Hotstar.

One piece of the good news that Mohan has given us is that there is a multi-screen support for Hotstar Premium customers. Right now, you can have only one stream per user at a time. This is a problem because if any stream does not load properly for any reason – Hotstar still feels that you are playing it, and trying to reload it will cause an error message. Instead, you have to wait a few minutes before seeing anything.

“One thing we have seen, most of our users consume it on one device,” he said. But I think we need to solve a small user base too. Even if he is a person. We need to get the correct multi-device proposition. We will do this in the next few weeks. “

Mohan also confirmed that the smart TV app is in the pipeline. Most of the hotstars material is consumed on mobile devices, they said, but there is a vocal demand for large screen support.

“At present the market is still small, but enough users have told us that they value Hotstar on smart TVs and we are working to bridge that gap,” he said. We want to make sure that for some users, we too. Still are solving relevant issues.

Hotstar – Android vs. iOS

Like most app efforts in India, the user base of Hotstar is primarily on Android. According to data from Hot Anne, Anne Annie (a leader in app analytics and app data) provided to Gadget Trending, the app only saw a total of 15,007,087,195 minutes of video on Android devices for May 2017. According to the same data, this is about three times the second largest video service – JioPlay – and the third largest – approximately 15 times more than Amazon Prime Video.

At the same time, Mohan claimed that Hotstar avoided a pre-installed strategy to drum user base.

Mohan said, “We do not pre-embed applications, we do not spend money to force people to sample. We do not force app to install,” Mohan said that the company would spread awareness Likes to do brand-related activities. “If there is a cricket match, then [payment] is worth the value of activating the search. I am not saying that we do not do marketing, we do not have a tough mechanism to do so.”

Despite primarily Android user-base, Mohan told Gadget Trending that the number of Hotstar Premium users – Hotstar paid, ad-free streaming service – is more on iOS on Android, although they have not shared the exact division. Hotstar Premium is the cheapest on iOS – this is Rs. 199 on other platforms, but Rs. 190 on iOS – although we suspect that the reason behind this is the reason.

Ad-free cricket on Hotstar will never happen soon

The biggest exception of Hotstar Premium’s ad-free cricket is cricket, on which you have the same number of breaks as you can expect to see on TV. Though Mohan promised new facilities, but he was quick to tell that watching cricket matches without ads is not one of them.

“Breaks between overs, even if it is an advertising-free experience, will you still have an obstacle between Over Right? He said that in other markets like America learn something from consumers, where service providers have tried to get ad-free, consumers do not particularly value it or sometimes they bother slightly, “he said. ” Feed where there is a pan out of the stadium “

Mohan said, “We believe that viewers watching English TV and movies definitely value the advertisement-free experience.” Developing our model clearly

Hotstar on Jio Phone? Do not rule it

We also had to ask that Hotstar could see himself on newer devices like JioPhone. Reliance Jio picked up waves announcing his new feature phone last week, and we thought that the hoster had plans for such devices.

“Fullly, Mohan said,” Even after three months of the future, I hesitate to do any project for the future. “We are in such a thrilling place. We want to be widely available as we may And still retain the quality of the user experience we have. “

He said, Mohan stressed the need for a consistent experience, saying: “One reason why we did not do the hotstars light was that we really believe that we should not degrade the service in any way. “

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