Samsung Launches New Robots To Simplify Its Robots, Including A Robot That Helps In The Kitchen

Samsung Launches New Robots

Samsung launches new robots to simplify its robots, including a robot that helps in the kitchen

Samsung wants you to have an army of robots to invade your kitchen so that you can just sit back and relax. South Korean Electronics giant disclosed the latest lineup of premium home appliances in the Samsung Technology Showcase ahead of the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. Samsung has shown many upcoming products, which includes a robot arm that can help in cooking and a robot that helps in growing vegetables inside your kitchen.

The Bot Chef by Samsung is a robotic arm that can help you while cooking. Bot chefs can do everything from cutting meat to spice up to cooking. You can also upload recipes so that the robot hand knows what to do.

Samsung says that Bot Chef can be ideal for physically disabled users who can use help while living in the kitchen. Robotic arm includes LiDAR sensor and an ambient light detector. Samsung claims that these products are a vision for the future of smart homes.

The company has also disclosed a new vacuum cleaner that uses artificial intelligence. The Samsung Bot is called clean, the robot uses LiDAR and after cleaning the house it can inform the owner of its position.

Apart from this, Samsung also unveiled its new Chef Garden Refrigerator at the event. The new refrigerator includes a group of smart features, including automatic fixing temperature, humidity and lighting and developing essential herbs inside the refrigerator.

Samsung Bot Air can detect contaminated locations around the house and automatically recover the quality of air while roaming around the house. For those who have to walk properly, the company has also released a wearable robot, Gate Enhancing and Motivating System (GEMS).

Samsung launched its robotics platform Samsung Bot in CES in January this year. The company has shown many robots, which are now being shown with more details. The company is now looking to expand its platform with more products.

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