Review of Mivi Collar Headphones

Mivi Collar Headphones

Review of Mivi Collar Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are popular because they provide convenience. Last year, we tested Mew Thunderbits, a low-priced pair of Bluetooth headphones launched by Hyderabad-based company. Now, it has launched another model, this time with Neckband design. The price of Mivi collar is Rs 2,999 and it boasts the ability to maintain aptX support for high-quality Bluetooth streaming and maintaining dual-active device connections. Is this the best sound of wireless headphones for this price? We kept it for testing.

Mivi collar design

Mini Collar is a neckband-style headset and is mainly made of plastic. In the case of design, it is similar to the LG Tone Pro headset. This neckband is quite thin and has a rubber coating which makes it comfortable to wear. There are two plastic pods on either side of it. On the right side there is a multi-function button, an LED indicator and a micro-USB port, which is protected from the elements by rubber flaps. On the other side there are only volume buttons. The quality of the plastic used to look at the price is decent.

We found that thin neckband flexes easily, so that the Mavi collar can be easily installed. The plastic pod rests around your shoulders, and the whole thing weighs only 30 grams. You can not feel the device around your neck at all, and you can also forget that you are wearing it.

Audio drivers are kept in the metal’s earpiece, which are magnets to keep them in your ear. There are also clips on Neckband that allow you to adjust the length of the earpiece cable. It is easy to move these clips, but they are closed when accidentally tugged on the wires. You will need to be careful because they are quite small and easy to lose.

In the box, you get many ear tips that you can swap for a comfortable fit. You also get a micro-USB cable to charge the device, and a quick start guide with details of the features of all Mew Collars.

Mivi collar specifications, features, and performance

The Mivi collar has the impedance rating of 16 ohm and the frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz. Low impedance means that not enough power is required to run these headphones. The Mivi collar supports Qualcomm’s high-quality aptx codec along with Bluetooth 4.1.

Some features in Mivi have been added for which you must remember key combinations. For example, in addition to the usual ability to answer or disconnect a call, you can long press the multifunction button to reject the incoming call. Double-press it to switch between headphones and earpieces on your mobile phone. Pressing both volume buttons for three seconds will turn the current call muted. In addition, Mivi collars can trigger an assistant in your smartphone when you press the volume button for five seconds.

The Mivi C collar lets you pair two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The process is not straightforward and you need to make both volume buttons together (and red and blue colors for LED flash) before searching for a headset on your other device. Once paired, you must first go back to the device and tap the Mivi caller’s name in Bluetooth settings to restore your connection again. Once this is done, you will have a Mivi collar connected to both devices. We tried to link it to Apple MacBook Air and Google Pixel 2 XL 99 42499 (review) and found that it could maintain an active connection with both. When the incoming call comes to us, the collar also switches into the smartphone.

Mivi says that you can connect the caller to two smartphones and can either use the multifunction button to answer the call, and switch between them. In this price, a dual connection mode is a neat feature in a headset.

Listen to music with the MIDI collar and you will find that it is designed for V-shaped sound signatures. This boosti produces bass and bright height, but mids feel oppressed. If you like to listen to electronic dance music or rock you can like it. On the other hand, it is not favorable with emphasis on classical music or vocal.

During our tests, we used these headphones in the amount of 50-70 percent, and found that the increase in it increased the elevation and elevation in the bass. The soundstage is narrower, and it can sometimes be difficult to focus on a particular device in Volkarmath’s tracks like Joker and the Thief.

Like Mivi Thunderbeats, caller headphones can actually get loud. We could not find ourselves to go beyond the 70 percent volume level due to fear of hearing loss. While playing audio at that level, we found that the battery lasted 9 hours and 30 minutes with continuous playback. However, there was a problem with the Mivi collar which reports the correct level of battery when connected to Android phones and also closes it even if it has 30 percent remaining. There was no such issue when applying with the iPhone 6s Plus. It takes about two hours to fully charge the device through its micro-USB port.

We used a mini collar for the call, and there was no problem listening to the other person. Mivi kept the vibrational warning motor in the right plastic pod, and when you receive the call, only the vibration is on the right. The microphone is also located on the right, but the people we talked to can listen to us clearly.


Caller is another Mivi product, which primarily targets people looking for budget bluetooth headset. It is available at Amazon India for Rs 3,499 but is listed on the company’s website for Rs 2,999. It is among the very few headset Qualcomm’s aptx codec and with support of dual pair at this price point. This is not the best feeling option out there, but if you prefer a boomy bass on a balanced output, you can give it a try.

Price: Rs. 2,999 (MOP)

The professionals

Good battery life

light in weight

Useful Dual Connection Mode


Depressed mids

Over bassing

Rating (of 5)

Design: 3

Exhibit: 3

Value of Money: 3.5

Overall: 3

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